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The Personalised Bundle

For the real personal touch we can custom make your unique wedding favours just for you. We will personalise your sweeties with the Bride and Groom’s names, add a heart in the centre or even the date of the big day. You can choose the exact colour of your favours to match your colour scheme and you can choose the flavour that you fancy. We can even split your batch into some sweets for the tables and some rock bars for your guests to take home as a keepsake. We’ll include a printed label inside each bar wrapper which can be personalised with a photograph of the happy couple, together with the date and place information. You could even personalise each one with your guests’ names for use as place settings. 

Made direct in our factory, we offer: 

£350 options:                                                            
100 Bars & 2,000 Sweets   

150 Bars & 1,500 Sweets                           

200 Bars & 1,000 Sweets                                  Send us your names, wedding date and a picture and we can put it onto a label for your bars. 

£440 options:                                             

200 Bars & 4,000 Sweets                            

300 Bars & 3,000 Sweets                                        

400 Bars & 2,000 Sweets

Rock Bar Options:

200 Bars = £230.00
300 Bars = £255.00
400 Bars = £275.00
                                              Label prices start from £60 
500 Bars = £300.00
600 Bars = £330.00
700 Bars = £355.00

We can personalise any size order with the minimum of 4,000 sweets. Please do not hesitate to contact us if the amount you want is not on our list. 

Please note that the prices above do not include VAT. 
Delivery prices vary from the different size orders, starting from £27.00.